As a local company with international standards, which by its definition is a collective of many individuals, has by its sheer size the opportunity to affect the country. If you have the power to make such an impact, you also have an obligation to act in a responsible way.

We are aware of the impact of the decisions we make and be sure that the communities affected by us – be they environmental or people related –improve by the way we do business. At ECO Transfer Prints, we are taking a proactive approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) through


Environmental imperatives have played a strong role in the evolution of our organisation since inception and have remained imprinted on our corporate consciousness. This awareness has led to the determined adoption of innovative technologies and processes to minimize the environmental impact of manufacturing operations.


Education is something that can make a real difference. As a large employer, we recognize the benefits that education can provide individuals, families and communities. ECO Transfer Prints is proud to be collaborating with schools to provide them stationary equipment, time and expertise from staff as well as scholarships not only to enhance students’ learning experiences, but also to make sure that they can make a material difference when going for higher education.


We believe that the depletion of natural resources consumed by our business operations must be restored to the environment and its people, so that our presence will not be detrimental to future life. With the Group-wide operations being inseparably associated with an extensive stakeholder base, we commit to future corporate growth that will balance economic progress while instilling a culture of sustainable development for the community. Specially focusing on the people who are in need of basic health checkups.

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